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If you’re researching alternative scoliosis San Francisco for adults or adolescents to try and avoid surgery, then you’ll want to pay close attention to the following. It may keep you from having to undergo scoliosis surgery.

4 Important Considerations When Choosing Scoliosis Treatment to Avoid Surgery and Relieve Scoliosis Pain

1. Do They Offer a Variety Alternatives for Scoliosis Treatments?

If you are looking to avoid scoliosis surgery, it’s critical that not only doctor specialize in scoliosis San Francisco for adults and adolescents, rather than just as a sideline, but they should also offer a comprehensive scoliosis treatment approach. There are a number of known causes for scoliosis that need to be addresses and since each contributes to the scoliosis differently a variety of services need to be offered to address them.

2. Do the Doctors Specialize In Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment?

You are trying to avoid a major surgery for your child so you want to choose a Doctor that is certified and specializes in alternative treatment of scoliosis.


Our doctor’s sole focus of practice is scoliosis treatment for adults and adolescents. They’re Certified Providers of the SpineCor scoliosis brace for children and adults. They’ve helped thousands of children and adults relieve their scoliosis symptoms and correct their curvatures. Because of their vast experience they have earned the distinction of being the most experienced SpineCor Providers in the U.S.

Used as a part of an comprehensive “Corrective Movement Principle” treatment program the SpineCor dynamic tension brace with its patented design provides constant rehabilitative corrective tension to the body to correct abnormal movement patterns found in scoliosis. By gently encouraging proper corrective motions this unique soft brace can help reduce scoliosis curvatures.

The actress playing Lulu on “True Jackson VP” on Nickelodeon, Ashley Argota is one of our patients. See what she has to say about Scoliosis Systems and her results with the SpineCor Brace:

We have many other patients who have had similar results and you can see them too by visiting our YouTube Channel.

3. Are Scoliosis Exercises Specifically Designed To Reduce Scoliosis?

What makes scoliosis different from almost many other type of orthopedic conditions is that there is also a neurological component that must be addressed. Scoliosis is a unilateral rotation dysfunction of the spine. Because of this it requires a very specific scoliosis exercises to correct the rotation of the spine in one direction but not the other.

Scoliosis Exercises performed in the “wrong direction” (ie: encouraging the body to collapse into the abnormal curve pattern) for a scoliosis will actually worsen your condition and should be avoided. Your doctor should know the difference.

Because of this, we recommend the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise. Specifically designed exercises for scoliosis, they were originally developed in Germany by Katerina Schroth over 80 years ago to treat her own scoliosis. Since then they’ve been shown to be clinically effective for reducing curvatures in scoliosis and continue to be the Gold Standard for scoliosis treatment in Europe. Our doctors and Schroth therapists are among a handful of Certified Schroth Instructors in California.

4. Do They Minimize Your Child’s Exposure to Harmful Radiation?

In managing scoliosis X-ray exposure cannot be fully eliminated but they can certainly be minimized for you or your child. To do this we use Formetric Rastersterography to monitor curvature improvement over time. It provides a highly accurate measurement of spinal rotation found in scoliosis and does this without any harmful radiation. It’s been in university and research clinics in Europe for over 20 years and allows us to reduce x-ray exposure to our patients over the course of their care by as much as 75%!

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