SpineCor Scoliosis Brace San Jose

The SpineCor Brace is a soft brace used as an alternative treatment for scoliosis to the traditional hard scoliosis braces. This type of a brace features several revolutionary elements intended to make the use both comfortable and effective for both children and adults affected by scoliosis. The SpineCor Brace is an alternative to surgery, can help relieve pain associated with scoliosis and has been clinically shown to reduce scoliosis curvatures. Because it is a soft brace it is comfortable to wear and can easily be hidden underneath the cloths so much easier treatment for children and adults alike to deal with.

The difference between the SpineCor brace and a more traditional hard brace for treatment of scoliosis is the way the brace itself is constructed. A traditional brace for scoliosis is a hard plastic jacket. This type of a brace is very restrictive for the wearer, behaving much like a full plaster cast would. The traditional brace is very hard for people to get used to.

The result of that is that doctors would usually wait for the illness to progress to a point where the curvature of the spine is above 25 degrees. This, in turn, makes the curvature harder to treat and means a long period of discomfort for the patient. The SpineCor Brace is innovative in that it is a flexible, dynamic brace, built out of elastic components.

These components are designed to allow the patient the maximum amount of movement that he or she can have while under a brace. As such, the patient can move his or her torso as normally. This helps treat the side effects of hard bracing, such as lack of muscle control, atrophy of spinal muscles, and decreased body awareness. These side effects occur due to restriction of movement.

As such, this dynamic new type of a brace is much easier for patients to deal with. This allows doctors the freedom to prescribe this brace at an earlier time in the progression of scoliosis. Prescribing the SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace earlier means that the scoliosis will be treated quicker and with more efficiency than it would otherwise.

Wearing the SpineCor, as opposed to a more traditional type of a hard brace, has many benefits for the scoliosis patient. This brace can be worn under clothing comfortably. This means that it will be easy for the child to engage in many normal day to day activities.

In addition to that, SpineCor has been proven through research to be very effective. Even though it allows a good degree of movement to the patient, it still applies corrective, three-dimensional forces to the body. This is due to the adjustable, corrective elastic bands that are part of the brace. These elastic bands are connected to the static components, and can be customized to suit a particular patient’s needs.

Scoliosis is a difficult diagnosis for many children and their parents to accept. While in the past, this may have meant surgery or a heavy, hard brace that would interfere with the child’s day to day life and be difficult to deal with, this is no longer the case. The SpineCor Brace is an excellent alternative and is often used as a key part of a comprehensive corrective movement scoliosis treatment program.

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Dr. Gary Deutchman, D.C.
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